What do you have to offer?

A brand is a promise to the target audience. There must be some THING that fulfills this promise. A product, service or experience must be consistently delivered in order to constitute the brand. Brand development requires either reconfiguring something that already exists to make it better, or creating something new that will fulfill the brand promise.

Destinations today promote outdoor recreation, arts and culture, wine and food, just to name a few "generic" brands. Maybe your destination has some of these attractions. If someone can get the same thing closer to home, why would they come to your community? Successful destinations give visitors something that is compelling and different or a better experience.

Brand are rooted in the experience of products or services, so at GDS we place great importance on developing or uncovering the right mix of attractions, activities, amenities and ambience in each community.

The best destination brands are narrowly focused and known primarily for one thing, even though the destination might offer several other experiences as well. Promoting a wide array of visitor interests means opening yourself to more competition and diluting the brand focus. Advertising that "We have it all" or "Something for everyone" means nothing to the consumer, and strains credibility. Good destination brands need to have a narrow focus, an image that comes alive in the minds of consumers in your market.