GDS offers a full service approach to logo development. We begin the logo design process only after the brand promise has been accepted by the client as the visual representation of the brand should reflect the brand essence.  Logos can be representational or abstract depending on the brand.

Logo design is one often a community's most anticipated elements of the branding process, reflective of a logo's potential power to connect emotionally and motivate. We engage the local population in Community logo development process, while testing destination brand logos against the market's target audience. 

GDS acknowledges the full community effort required in brand development by creating a family of identity marks compatible with the brand logo for participating organizations such as the municipal government, regional economic development councils, downtown associations, chambers of commerce, and convention and visitors bureaus.

To download examples of logos developed in collaboration with our visual communication strategic partner, click here.

To view a video describing a "case study" logo development process, click here.