An art and a science

Example of Way-Finding SignsWorking with our strategic partner - Axia Creative, GDS assists communities in the art and science of moving people through an environment to a desired location using a number of visual cues including, but not limited to, directional signage, place naming, architectural landmarks, landscaping and district demarcations. These plans are sufficiently detailed that they can be sent directly to sign fabricators for production bids.

Way-finding plans include the following:

• Vehicle Way-finding: an inventory of primary and secondary attractions, services and amenities. A progressive way-finding system for vehicle traffic. Design and exact locations of way-finding signs using existing and stand alone poles.

• Pedestrian Way-finding: a progressive pedestrian way-finding system for downtowns and marinas including exact design and locations.

• Design and testing of prototypes of the vehicle and pedestrian signs to gauge readability, fit and design.

• Way-finding sign design specifications suitable for obtaining construction/fabrication bids on production and installation of the system.

• Design and location identification of primary and secondary gateways for the downtown.

• Design of decorative pole banners.

• Design and fabrication specifications and recommended locations for visitor information kiosks.

• Consultation with the City, County or State on location restrictions.