Reconnaissance - see your community as visitors do

In our Visitor POV® approach, GDS learns about potential vacation or travel destinations within the client's region just as a visitor would - unaided, and without prior knowledge of the client destination. This process tells GDS whether the client destination is visible or invisible in the marketplace. If our researchers find the destination, we then learn whether the sales message is strong enough to close the sale.

Our Visitor POV® Program also includes an unaided physical drive-through and walk-through of the destination, just as a visitor would experience it. This gives us an unvarnished look at how the destination presents itself and what first impressions the destination offers the visitor.

Finally we conduct an in-depth reconnaissance of the client destination, including actively seeking out and evaluating the performance of the destination's attractions, amenities, ambience, signage, branded lures and diversions. Our findings are delivered to the client in an entertaining, visual presentation and four-color document.