Do you need to reposition your existing product?

If your destination is not attracting investors, visitors, or perhaps even your residents, it may be that the focus of what you have to offer is out of alignment with what consumers are looking for. No matter how unique your brand might be, if no one cares, it is not a great brand. Battle Creek Michigan is known for breakfast cereal but it's difficult to make that product an appealing experience to visitors. On the other hand, Hershey Pennsylvania is associated with chocolate and there are many visitor experiences that make this work, from chocolate factory tours to chocolate spas.

Successful destinations offer the visitor a real-time experience. Museums and static displays don't often rise to the allure of a brand but there are other ways for the history, culture or geography of the destination to attract visitors. If your best destination brand already exists, GDS can help you discover it, or successfully reposition it.